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Meadowbrook's Mackenzie, Caledonia's Fiery Spark TKN CGC


Kenzie is Cali's daughter! She has a lot of get up and go and is very confident and willing to do whatever. She is very smart and picks up on things fast, we have high hopes for her! At a young age she already earned her Trick Dog Novice Title! What a smart girl! She is having fun working in obedience, agility and recently has gotten into dock diving! 

Kenzie's Clearances:

Hip clearance: Will be done when she turns 2

Eye clearance: Spring 2023

Heart clearance: Spring 2023

Elbow clearance: Will be done when she turns 2

Prcd-PRA status: Embark GR-PRA2456/8F-PI Clear

PRA1 status: Embark GR-GR1-2444/8F-PI Clear

PRA2 status: Embark GR-GR2-2278/8F-PI Clear

Ichthyosis status: Embark GR-ICH2526/8F-PI-CAR Carrier

DM status: Embark GR-DM2167/8F-PI Clear

NCL status: Embark GR-CL5-3367/8F-PI Clear

MD status: Embark GR-MD894/8F-PI Clear


Kenzie as a puppy!

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