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Meadowbrook Bathed By Moonlight  BCAT ACT1 CGCA CGCU TKI 

Batty is Arya's daughter! She is very smart and picks up on things fast. At only 3 months old, she earned her Trick Dog Title! She loves going on hikes in the woods and jumping into the ocean in the middle of winter! Outside is her favorite place to be! She loves playing in agility and recently has gotten into lure coursing.

Batty as a puppy!
Batty's Clearances:

Hip clearance: OFA GR-139443G24F-C-VPI

Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE27553/18F-VPI

Heart clearance: OFA GR-ACA8159/18F-VPI

Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL59060F24-C-VPI

Prcd-PRA status: Embark GR-PRA2454/20F-PI Clear

PRA1 status: Embark GR-GR1-2442/20F-PI Clear

PRA2 status: Embark GR-GR2-2276/20F-PI Clear

Ichthyosis status: Embark GR-ICH2524/20F-PI Clear

DM status: Embark GR-DM2165/20F-PI Clear 

NCL status: Embark GR-CL5-3365/20F-PI Clear

MD status: Embark GR-MD892/20F-PI Clear 

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